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Using PPC

To Use PPC Or Not To Use PPC That Is The Question? Many of my clients come to me complaining about how much money they are spending on  using PPC but not getting the results they are looking for. One client was spending four to five thousand dollars a month and only...

SEO Vs Social Media

SEO Vs Social Media It is essential to have a balance of both SEO and social media to reap the full benefits of these mediums and gain the most exposure for any company. Brands must do both social media and SEO because one directly impacts the other. Pros: Social...


Hey Guys… You know for small business owners, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook-owned social network is one of the best channels to extend their reach. With 3 out of 4 users taking action if a post inspires them and 70 percent following at least one...

Sociable On Social Media

Not Very Sociable On Social Media? Don’t worry there are many people not sociable on social media. Some don’t even know what to say or do…let alone take a selfie but they like to look around! Plenty of leaders don't take advantage of their personal social media...

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